naledi / data.lisp
;;;; Naledi ya Africa ("Star of Africa") is an ncurses-based survival game
;;;; set in Africa.
;;;; This file stores all game data.
;;;; (c) 2018 Daniel Vedder, MIT license

;; TODO save and load functions
;; XXX Will probably require `make-load-form-saving-slots'


(let ((world NIL))
	(defun set-world (w) (setf world w))

	(defun world-size () (length world))

	(defun save-topography (file-name) ;XXX (re)move this?
		"Save the world topography as a text file"
		(debugging "~&Saving world to file ~A" file-name) ;debug
		(with-open-file (tf file-name :direction :output)
			(dolist (row world)
				(format stream "~&~A~%"
						(mapcar #'(lambda (p)
									  (biome-char (patch-biome p)))
							row) "")))))

	(defun save-world ()
	(defun coord (x y)
		"Return the patch at the given coordinates or NIL if out of bounds"
		(unless (or (< x 0) (< y 0) (> x (length world)) (> y (length world)))
			(nth x (nth y world)))))


(let ((biome-list NIL))
	(defun register-biome (symbol-name biome-object)
		(setf biome-list (cons (list symbol-name biome-object) biome-list)))

	(defun available-biomes ()
		(keys biome-list))

	(defun get-biome (symbol-name)
		(cassoc symbol-name biome-list)))

(defmacro new-biome (name &body body)
	`(register-biome ',name
			 :name ,(symbol-to-string name)